Belplume is a Belgian quality system in which all the links of the both the broiler and layer chains are represented.

As of today, over 90% of the Belgian broiler companies are members of Belplume. In addition, 73 companies in the layer chain, as well as 16 hatcheries, 8 abattoirs and 24 transport companies are members.

Every year, these companies undergo inspection to check they observe the Belplume specifications by independent ISO 17065 accredited inspectors.

The quality system comprises all the statutory requirements so that poultry farmers will automatically also be in order with an eye to self-checking for their poultry activity. The supplementary requirements that are included emphasise the participants’ level of quality and assure that equivalence is achieved with foreign systems. For example, there is exchangeability with the Dutch IKB-Kip quality system. Furthermore, Belplume wants to serve as a basis for certification for the distribution chain. Finally, the Belplume quality system also provides for a unique tracking system that allows quick and efficient tracing through the entire production chain.

On this website you will find more information about Belplume’s activities, the standards and the participants.

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