Belplume vzw was founded on March 19, 2002 as a joint initiative of all members of the Belgian Broiler chain. The primary objective was to develop a quality system for broilers according to the principles of “integral chain control”.

A number of years after the broiler sector, the layer sector also took the step towards forming a uniform Belgian quality system. Since the end of 2009 the poultry-rearing and laying-hen companies and the breeding companies may also join Belplume. 

Belplume vzw represents all representative professional organisations of the poultry sector, namely: 

  • National Professional Association of Breeders and Hatchers vzw (NBFB);
  • Flemish Professional Association of Poultry and Rabbit Holders vzw (Pluimvee);
  • National Association of Poultry Slaughter-houses vzw (NVP);
  • Association of Belgian Industrial Poultry Slaughter-houses vzw (VIP);
  • Professional Association of Manufacturers of Mixed feed vzw (BEMEFA);
  • Interprofessional Association for Poultry, Eggs and Rabbits vzw (VEPEK);
  • Farmer’s Union, sector department poultry and small live stock;
  • Walloon Association for Agriculture (FWA);
  • Association of Poultry Service companies vzw (Servi_pluim vzw);
  • National Association of Egg Traders (NVE);
  • General Farmers Syndicate (ABS);
  • Flanders’ Agricultural Marketing Board vzw (VLAM).